Bible Boot Camp

Bible Boot Camp


Bible Boot Camp is a class geared for any adult (post high school) interested in serious Bible study.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is Bible centered study on a variety of topics. Our current focus is to examine one book of the Bible per week: Genesis through Revelation. After this introduction, more in depth study will follow, driven by class interest.

What We Offer

Through our study we try to address 3 goals in each class:
1. Enrich or engage the mind
2. Stir the heart
3. Prepare for battle
We hope the class will be mentally thought provoking, spurring growth in both mind and heart, emboldening believers to confront our culture with the truth of God’s word.

Times and Locations

Where Group Meets: to the left of the church office / elevator

When Group Meets: Sunday @ 10:45.


While our class is relatively new we are considering several service projects. They include but are not limited to:
• Sending care packages to college students and military personnel
• Sponsoring missionary work
• Sending Bibles to foreign countries
• Raising money and participating in a yearly Crop Walk to end world hunger

Bible Verse

2 Timothy 3: 12-17
It explains that we are engaged in a spiritual battle with evil men who seek to deceive. But the Bible is able to make us wise and equipped for good works.